Thursday, 4 April 2019

Meet Contessa!!


My first love is food. Food and linens go together. The tablecloth is the cake and the food is the icing on the cake. I have won numerous recipe contests even appearing on channel 12 with Chef Jim Coleman for my Pennsylvania Dutch recipe "Roasted potato filing balls" I have Amish roots from my mother's side of the family and my father was Italian..I tell everyone I come from the best of both worlds....

My Amish Nanny Elizabeth was the best at everything she did. Cooking, making quilts and making tablecloths. My mother Laura, she was the best at everything she did. So you see I inherited a lot of these talents from the talented women in my family.


I love to entertain and when friends would come to my house everyone wanted to know where my linens came from. To me the best linens are french Jacquards. If I wanted to change the mood in a room it was always a french linen to the rescue. And where in America can a consumer find decent table linens and the big linens for the big dining room tables. I will not sell anything that is from China, India, Indonesia where women and children are oppressed. The only products that I sell are from America, Sweden, Belgium, Morocco, and France.

I knew I had to create a linen company and import linens from France. In my quest to find a suitable location for my French shop there was only one place I wanted and that was the historical Reading Terminal Market. I knew when I walk in the market that I belonged there. Its the greatest food market on the East Coast and what better place to sell french linens. Remember food and linens go together!